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The Council of Graduate Students (COGS) is the student organization that represents, advocates for, informs, facilitates communications among, and supports graduate students (most students who are seeking a research degree: a Ph.D. or a Masters that is associated with a Ph.D. program) Learn More




Career Networking Event

On March 27, the Graduate School will host a Career Networking Event. This event will provide the opportunity for graduate students to meet representatives from industry, business, government and non-profits – up to 80 companies and organizations are expected to attend.

More information about the Graduate School Career Networking Event can be found here.


Research Symposium Call for Papers

On April 3, 2015 the Council of Graduate Students will host What Lurks Around The Corner a research symposium addressing perceptions of threat in today’s world with keynote speaker Dr. Steven Schlozman of the Harvard Medical School. The goal of the symposium is to have University of Minnesota graduate students from a broad range of programs present their work as it pertains to the theme. COGS welcomes participation from graduate students of every college and department. Graduate students whose research intersects with any aspect of this topic may submit a title and short abstract (up to 250 words) to by February 15, 2015.

More information about the symposium may be found here.


Graduate Student Bill of Rights

The Council of Graduate Students  is drafting a Graduate Student Bill of Rights. The Graduate Student Bill of Rights will contain statements that further delineate their rights: Graduate Students as Students; Graduate Students as Employees; Graduate Students as Junior Colleagues; Graduate Students as Members of the University Community at Large.  A current draft of the document can be found by following the link below.

Download this WORD draft of the Graduate Student Bill of Rights



Find the COGS blog here

All the graduate students are encouraged to sign the online petition for Graduate Student fees