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The Council of Graduate Students (COGS) is the student organization that represents, advocates for, informs, facilitates communications among, and supports graduate students (most students who are seeking a research degree: a Ph.D. or a Masters that is associated with a Ph.D. program) Learn More


The Graduate Student Bill of Rights

The Council of Graduate Students  is drafting a Graduate Student Bill of Rights. Within the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, graduate students touch on every aspect of the institution's daily operations: as students,  employees, junior colleagues, and members of the university community. Across these various roles, graduate students have the right to expect that their responsibilities in other roles will be respected, with those associated with being students taking precedence. A key aspect of graduate education is the process of transition from students to scholars in training to junior scholars. However, graduate students are students, first and foremost. A number of policies currently exist at the university to protect graduate students, The Graduate Student Bill of Rights will contain statements that further delineate their rights: Graduate Students as Students; Graduate Students as Employees; Graduate Students as Junior Colleagues; Graduate Students as Members of the University Community at Large. 

The Council of Graduate Students invites the  greater university community to provide feedback on this draft copy of the document. Because issues addressed in this bill of rights are pertinent to the tenure of graduate students with GRD designation at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, COGS finds it important to gain input from the university community directly.  Please review this draft of the Graduate Student Bill of Rights, and send the council any comments, concerns, or suggestions.  The document is in WORD format to provide the option of commenting directly on the document (use the "track changes" option) or to write out suggestions/comments/etc. in a review format.  Send you reviewed document to:

Download this WORD draft of the Graduate Student Bill of Rights

Download this PDF draft of the Graduate Student Bill of Rights


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